Tech Introduction to Web Development


Each module consist of a set of notes related to the same topic.

At the end of each module there is hands on project.


The purpose of these notes is to help product people understand the environment, concepts and process of developing an application.

I have chosen specifically web development because it's probably the closest topic to most people. It is also broader enough that it can cover most of the important topics.

After this reading you should be familiar with most of the concepts that you might hear managing or helping an engineering team.


People working in the tech industry without any technical background.

Product Managers, Product Owners, Designers, ... that work closely with an engineering team.

The technologies used in your team might vary from the ones explained in these notes, but the concepts will be very similar.

This is NOT

This is NOT a coding book.

This is NOT a devops book.

This is NOT a deep dive in any technical concept.

Recommended Knowledge and tools

There is no strong requirement to be able to read and understand the notes.

However, you will get much more if you are already familiar with some basic concepts.

Recommended Knowledge and tools

Most of the recommended knowledge is about coding. A minimum of coding knowledge is required. It will make it easier for you to understand the developer.

Who knows, maybe you enjoy it and become one ;)


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